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9MM or .45 Combo

With a combination of 7075 aluminum and Stainless Steel K-baffles, the 9MM and .45 combo suppressors are the most versatile suppressors KMC makes. The direct thread-on muzzle-end adapters make it easy and inexpensive to swap between different guns and calibers. Use the ½-28 for .22LR and the 5/8- 24 for 300 Blackout. Also, use KMC’s own ¾-16 for various barrel adapters such as Ruger 10/22 without a threaded barrel.
Use the KMC linear de-coupler for handguns( not shown):
9mm pistols (with linear de-coupler)
9mm rifles
.22LR pistols and rifles
7.5" or longer 300 BLK Subsonic ONLY