9MM Combo Silencer Suppressor
9MM & .45 Combo

With a combination of 7075 aluminum and Stainless Steel K-baffles, the 9MM and .45 combo suppressors are the most versatile suppressors KMC makes. The direct thread-on muzzle-end adapters make it easy and inexpensive to swap between different guns and calibers. Use the ½-28 for .22LR and some 9MM rifles, 5/8-24 for 300 Blackout, and KMC’s own ¾-16 for various barrel adapters such as Ruger 10/22 without a threaded barrel.

Use the KMC linear de-coupler for handguns( not shown).


Stack the k-baffles vertically on a flat surface starting with the stainless steel blast chamber, then the stainless k-baffle. Stack the K-baffles so the cut-outs are lined up on one side and stainless steel K-baffle and blast chamber are on the bottom(as pictured). Slide the can over the baffles (with end cap installed in the can). Hold the stack in the can and turn over with end-cap facing down. Install muzzle-end adapter. If K-baffle stack isn’t tight, loosen muzzle-end adapter, tighten end-cap ¼ turn and retighten muzzle-end adapter. Repeat until K-baffle stack is tight.

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KMC Silencer Model 22A


All 7075 and 6061 aluminum makes this silencer (suppressor) light and rugged.  The hard-black anodizing is long-lasting and tough.  The silencer weighs in at 5.9 oz. including the 10-22 muzzle adaptor.  It is easy to move your silencer from different guns with the screw-on muzzle adaptors (sold separately) making this process quick and efficient.   The suppressor is easy to take apart and clean with the mono-core design.  It was designed and manufactured by a family-owned and operated Idaho small business.


Install the mono-core with the engraved arrow pointing in the direction of the projectile.  This silencer/suppressor is suitable for the following cartridges only: 22 S L L R 22WRF, 22Mag, 17 HMR 17 Mach2, 22 Hornet and is not rated for full-auto use.  KMC holds no responsibility for customers not using according to instructions.  Use sub-sonic ammunition for best results.

3/8-24—1/2-28 Barrel Adapter


This changes your 3/8-24 threaded barrel to the standard 1/2-28 for easy mounting of a KMC suppressor. Made out of 7075 Aluminum and hard black anodized (not shown) for a light and tough adapter. No special tools needed. Use your own 7/16″ end wrench.

S&W M&P 22 compact—MPadap($15.00)

Muzzle End Adapters


Your choice of muzzle end adapters when you buy a KMC suppressor/Silencer. Choose from standard 1/2-28(supme28) to fit your threaded barrel, 3/4-16 adapter(supme16) to be used with barrel adapters for non-threaded barrels or a Colt M4(supme8mm).

These can also be ordered separately, allowing buyers to use one KMC suppressor on multiple guns.

  • 1/2-28—supme28($15.00)
  • 3/4-16—supme16($15.00)
  • Colt M4 —22supme8mm($15.00)

Threaded Barrel Adapter


This adapter slides onto the end of your non-threaded barrel making it easy to use a KMC suppressor on your gun without having to thread your barrel, and front sights can still be used.

  • Ruger 10-22/77-22—1022BA ($40)
  • Savage 17HMR—17HMRBA ($35)
  • Cricket/Chipmunk—CrickBA ($40)

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